Adult Jiu Jitsu

You do not need to be fit or a super athlete to join Clare Jiu Jitsu Academy – remember this is a martial art of leverage.

Beginner Jiu Jitsu Programme Goals

Designed to teach you the fundamentals, the Beginner’s programme creates a strong foundation. This programme is only open to white belt students.

Programme objectives:

  • Introduce students to all positions and situational techniques
  • Build coordination and mobility through drills and
  • Understanding core concepts & ideology
  • Inspire students to live the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle

Club members have access to open mat training sessions throughout the week. John leads the members through regular training designed to increase your skill. Members have range of goals, from preparing for a competition to personal development, all Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts welcome.

Jiu Jitsu Club Membership

Monthly club member ship fees teens and adults.

For more information contact John on 089 2062615