What do I need to bring?
For beginner’s classes just bring is a t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms or shorts, and of course, water!

Do I wear my shoes during training?
For hygiene reasons, there are no shoes allowed on the mats.

Will I be in close contact with others?
Yes, so please remember this when planning to attend a class. Your gi should be clean, you should have recently showered and you should maintain clean hair. Also, please keep your nails cut short so you do not scratch anyone else.

What is code of conduct?
In one word, respect! Be a positive representative of your school at all times, especially at competitions. Work hard, be on time, don’t brag about tapping people out, watch your language and help your training partners (if qualified).

How often should my child train?
To allow your child to improve their technical ability, we suggest training 2-3 times per week. We have found that children become frustrated if they are not sparring at a similar level as their peers.

What safety procedures does the gym have in place?
Safety is a high priority so we have the highest instructor to student ratio. Students are encouraged to tap out in uncomfortable positions and are instructed to never use Jiu Jitsu outside of the safety of the gym. We installed an Olympic grade Jiu Jitsu floor in 2018 to ensure the safety of our students.

What is the children’s belt progression and how are they awarded?
Children under 16 yrs old can earn up to 13 belts and up to 10 stripes on each belt level. Progression is based on technical ability shown against a fully resisting opponent of equal size.

How do I know my child is ready to compete?
Competitions create an environment where children gain the confidence and encouragement to continue training. We hold regular competitions to allow students to test their skills in this environment. The club has European medalists and Irish Champion members that assist in training of the younger members.

What can I do to help my child’s training?
Encourage them after each session and tell them that they are doing great by showing up and giving it their best.

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